Le Marais Bakery opened in July 2011 in San Francisco. Since then, this family-owned bakery and bistro has been serving quality interpretations of classic French dishes and artisanal pastries made with the very best organic and local ingredients.

In our kitchen, croissants are small batch crafted with a combination of local and French butters and freshly milled organic flours. Our doughs are made with all-natural, house-made starters and long fermentation periods. Executive Pastry Chef Hikari Hori creates new pastries inspired by the season, filled with the fruits and vegetables fresh from the market.

As much as possible, we work with organic ingredients from the Bay Area farmers we’ve partnered with since we’ve opened.  We take a lot of care in sourcing flour from Central Milling, our dairy from Straus, butter from Normandy, France, an old mustard owner Patrick Ascaso loved as a child, berries or apples from the best growers, and though we serve many vegetarian meals, we also source sustainably raised and organic meats.

We start with whole ingredients, because we believe the best meals are about letting those flavors come through, and we follow those traditions of the local bistrots that you find in most French towns, where the food comes from the region and celebrates all that is great in the community. 

We are looking forward to the year ahead – for the past five years, we have been creating hundreds of pastries every day out of 300 square feet, and finally we will be able to move into a commissary kitchen in the Polk Gulch neighborhood. We will open the commissary to customers in 2018, so you can come in and see how we make our croissants and pastries by hand every day.





In the Castro

498 Sanchez
at 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

In the Marina

2066 Chestnut
at Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

In the Polk Gulch - Full brunch menu launching February 2019

1138 Sutter Street
between Polk and Larkin  San Francisco, CA 94109

Bakery 7 am to 7 pm
Bistro 9 am to 3 pm